August 6, 2018

Just Another Hashtag?


          If you search the words Faith and Fitness on social media you'll find thousands of profiles, clothing companies, and motivational quotes. All of whom are aiming to combine the concept of Fitness, with the world of Faith. But when we scroll past the feel good memes or the popular bible scriptures on a tank top. What does Faith and Fitness really mean? And should we be combining these two concepts? Or is this just another trendy hashtag used to get your likes up? #Like4like? I've been going to the gym “Faithfully” for over a decade. In my time I've seen quite a few trends come and go. From YouTube celebrities, pre-workout supplements, diet trends, raunchy gym clothing, I've seen it all. As a matter of fact, depending on the gym you frequent, it may seem like a place where “faith” is not present at all. But if you take some time to look beyond the surface, you'll see that striving to improve your level of fitness takes a great deal of faith.  

         What is Faith? Faith: The complete belief or trust in something or someone. Does it take Faith to get fit? Of course it does! When a person makes the decision to improve their fitness, they have to have faith. Faith that if they improve their diet and or exercise practices, they will reap benefits. When you first implement a lifestyle change, it takes time to actually see or feel the change in your life. Many times we don't see the benefits of changes we make in our lives because we fail to commit and see the process through to completion. Yes it takes trust that what we are doing will bring a change. But it also takes a commitment to the process and a lot of hard work. Hence the phrase “Faith without works is dead”.  

         What is Fitness?Fitness: The condition of being physically fit and healthy. Many of us know people who are physically fit. In today's society, fitness is often fed to us through many different mediums. It may be commercials, social media ads, magazines at the grocery store, it's everywhere. However, statistics show that the majority of people in the world are not “physically fit”. In fact most of us are far from it! You have to wonder why are so many individuals living an unhealthy lifestyle? Does this have anything to do with a lack of faith. Maybe a lack of faith in ourselves? 

         Why Faith and Fitness? Often times when we bring up faith we associate the word with a person's belief about God or religion. When we take a look at fitness from a Christian standpoint, the Bible provides us with great insight on the importance of staying physically fit. In the very first book of the Bible (Genesis) the scripture reads “Let us make man in our that they may rule over all the creatures.” (Gen 1:26) . Later in the New Testament the Apostle Paul advises us that our bodies are viewed as Temple's of the Holy Spirit (Corinthians 6:19). Even Jesus himself referred to his body as a Temple when he stated “Tear down this temple, and I'll rebuild it in three days.” (John 2:19). I didn't quote those scriptures to flex my biblical knowledge, or to take you to church. I pointed these scriptures out to show you the importance and value that God has for the human body.  

          As we embark on New Year many resolutions and new goals are being made. Maybe you've set a goal to get in better shape physically. Perhaps you want to grow your life spiritually. Maybe you're resolving to read more and that's what brought you to this blog. Whatever your goals may be this year, I challenge you to embrace them with faith. Faith in God, that he created you with purpose and that your body is a Big part of your purpose. Also have faith in yourself. Faith that you can and will achieve your goals. If you strive to stay encouraged and keep the faith, I promise you'll find yourself becoming more “Fit” for the tasks at hand.  -Thomas Morrison Owner of Respect Your Temple LLC, Respect Your Temple January 2018


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Today we are honored to have our third guest blog post from Respect Your Temple owner Thomas Morrison. They are a brand that promotes our body is a temple just like 1 Corinthians 6:19. Read and be encouraged. We are thankful and grateful to hear from others about their view on faith and fitness.

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