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This is a phrase that is thrown around time and time again. Do people say it for a reason or is it just fluff? Or maybe there is something we should trust, but have to find what is trustworthy in the first place. Learn to trust the process, so you can continue your journey ahead.

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This post is unlike the others, but takes a highly anticipated wordly event to paint a heavenly perspective and outcome. Not many post about Revelation in the Bible and why not a better time with the new Avengers End Game movie coming out. There is a real-life end game and it will be soon. I encourage everyone to read the Book of Revelation. As well as share how much God cares about your redemption and resurrection.

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Each and every year we face challenges. It is in the moments that we have a choice to choose courage and face those challenges. Everyday is a race and it is time to face it.

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