August 6, 2018

Fountain of Youth

Brent Hardy

            I have family in Saint Augustine, Florida and I remember seeing this sign saying “Fountain of Youth.” I also remember as a kid watching movies like Indiana Jones and listening to shows about people occasionally seeking the fountain of youth. Their main objective is to be youthful and live forever. 

            In matter of fact there is such a thing. The ability to achieve youthfulness as long as possible while we live in this world. It is through our health physically, mentally, and spiritually. It all comes down to maintaining our child-like nature which is the foundation of our playfulness and energy. 

            Go back to when you were a kid. Always running around, could eat anything, and would go non-stop like the energizer bunny. Ask my parents, I was a handful let me tell you. Today, I still feel like I’m a child at heart and going non-stop. As kids we were active all the time which we called “play.” Now as we get older we took “play” and labeled it as “exercise.” When it comes to physical training there are components that will help maintain our youth as we grow. Lifting weights is great but not sustainable over our whole life span. The fountain of youth physically is found in conditioning using interval training and hypertrophy training. Perform intervals like Tabata with 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds off for a total of 4 min. You can go up to a total of 12 min pending on the movement or equipment of choice. Perform high repetitions of body weight calisthenics in a circuit such as push-ups, pull-ups, squats, single leg glute thrusters, and TRX rows if you have a suspension trainer. Both these activities will increase your heart rate and build muscular endurance.

            I remember the best aspect of being a kid was nap time in class. This allows our brain to hit the reset button to recharge. Take a 10-15 minute nap during the week as needed as well. Also consider going to bed an hour earlier or at least getting into bed earlier than usual if naps never work for you. Other necessary components is hydration (future post to come). Just drink as often as possible. Nutrition think about density when it comes to food. Proper food density will allow you to increase your exercise intensity. These recovery components will help us stay rejuvenated.

           The fountain of youth is also found in our mindset. We particularly think youth is about being young, which is correct but really it describes characteristics of who we are and can still be. We must find ways to maintain our youthful traits as we age. These traits include hopefulness, humility, belief, enthusiasm, and passion daily. Having a mental mindset of youthfulness will make you feel younger. We can have abundance of energy, enthusiasm, and adventure seeking thrill. I remember the most asked question as a kid “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I know all of us said something along the lines of “I want to be an astronaut or a ninja.” In my case it was to be a NASCAR driver and a US NAVY BLUE ANGEL pilot both which seek literal adventure. I remember mom freaking out. Go back to that same way of thinking and draw out your childhood dream. Randy Paucsh wrote an amazing book called “The Last Lecture” He points out we are to live out our childhood dreams or at least strive towards that direction of adventure and something we are enthusiastic about. This will reignite passion within you and give you that jolt of energy.  

“and said, “I assure you and most solemnly say to you, unless you repent [that is change your inner self—your old way of thinking, live changed lives] and become like children [trusting, humble, and forgiving], you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:3 AMP

          Lastly and most importantly our youthfulness comes from our belief in God. Go back to when you were a child believing so strongly in holiday character representatives. We are to take that same foundation of faith and belief and put that towards God. As we age, we lose sight of child-like faith and form personal perspectives. The true fountain of youth comes from believing and trusting fully in the Lord. We won’t live forever on this earth, but God desires us to live forever with Him and never be apart from Him. We ALL can have eternal life through Christ Jesus (read belief page). Which is the Good News! We are called to be youthful and joyful in the Lord. That is your true spring. Your true fountain of youth. A Samaritan woman had an encounter with the youthful source. She met Jesus at the well and he explains who he is to her. In John 4:13-14 “Jesus replied, “Anyone who drinks this water will soon become thirsty again. But those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life.” Everlasting life comes from Salvation and surrender through Jesus Christ! Accept Him and live for Him! (Read belief page) Remember it is not the length of your life, but the depth of your life. This will help you maximize your life that you have right now and help you remain youthful.  

 Take a ways:

  • Interval Training (Tabata) 20 sec on 10 sec off for 4 min pick machine of choice
  • Hypertrophy training: High reps low weight            
  • Perform Body Weight Calisthenics
  • Proper Eating: Think density to increase your intensity
  • Hydration: Often as possible
  • Sleep/Naps: Go to bed an hour earlier and nap for 15 min once/twice per week
  • Youthfulness: Continue to believe God has the best for your life



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Life is not about how long we live, but how we maximize our lives daily. Our youthfulness is found within. The source of our youth comes from above. Reignite your youth and see how you can remain young.

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