August 6, 2018

Functional Fitness and Faith

Brent Hardy

     Functional training hit the fitness industry by main stream a few years ago. Tons of articles and concepts to perform movement screens have been developed such as Functional Movement Systems with the FMS and SFMA. Gyms and personal trainers even market how they train functionally. When it comes to functional training the focus is on movement approach instead of joint-by-joint approach.

     The purpose of  the term 'functional' is to look at things as a whole instead of parts. In short, 'functional' is the state of something being practical and realistic instead of attractive or pleasing to the eye. Typically, we train our body in parts such as bodybuilding. We also see ourselves in parts. For example, we only like certain aspect of our physical appearance, but dislike others such as our eyes, hair, or nose (my case). We miss the big picture when we look at ourselves as parts instead as a whole. Wholeness focuses on our mind, body, and spirit working together synergistically.

     God sees us as a whole instead of parts and desires us to be functional. He knows what is practical and realistic for us to live a sustainable and joyful life. To make our faith functional when need to look to God wholeheartedly and see him as a whole. This happens by digesting all of His Word in the Bible instead of just parts like Jeremiah 29:13 “ If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.” Our main function is to be functional, because functional is sustainable. It prevents harm and potential injuries. As you purse functional fitness and faith remember the goal is to be realistic. Attraction is not the main goal, but you will benefit in the long run and your body will naturally adapt which might include that six pack after all. Today, think how you can be practical with physical activity, mental thinking, and faith.

May God himself, the God who makes everything holy and whole, make you holy and whole, put you together - spirit, soul, and body - and keep you fit for the coming of our Master,  Jesus Christ." 1 Thessalonians 5:23 MSG

     Know you are looked as a whole instead of parts. Also, check out Steven Furtick (Head Pastor of Elevation Church) talk on “Functional Faith.” It’s a great talk and they perform the Turkish Get up. Below is the link and description of basic functional movements to look into.

    -Functional is Practical       

   -God see’s you as a whole, so train as a whole    

Link Elevation Church:

       "Functional Faith"    

Functional Movement Exercises:

-Goblet Squats (dumbbell or kettlebell)               

-Deadlifts (KB, barbell, and trap bar)            

-TRX Rows               


-Split squats (rear foot elevated or reverse lunges)            

-Turkish Get ups           

-Bear Crawls            

-Farmer Carries       

 RDLs (single leg or double leg)             


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Functional is a word thrown around pretty easily and can be misunderstood. In the end, functional looks at the whole just like we are seen as a whole.

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